Disability Issues in Housing

The purpose of Vermont’s fair housing law (§4503 of the Vermont Fair Housing and Public Accommodations Act) is to provide equal housing opportunities to all persons regardless of their membership in protected categories. Under Vermont’s fair housing law a person with a disability is a member of a protected category. (Vermont’s law uses the term “handicapped.”) Under Vermont’s fair housing law, all of the actions and protections provided to other protected categories, such as race, color, and religion, are also provided to persons with disabilities. This includes, but may not be limited to:

  • prohibitions on refusing to rent or sell to a person because of his/her disability;

  • printing, advertising or making statements that indicate a preference for persons without disabilities;

  • imposing different terms and conditions regarding any aspect of housing because a person has a disability; and,

  • coercing, intimidating, threatening or interfering with a person exercising any right granted or protection provided by Vermont’s fair housing law. 

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