The Vermont Human Rights Commission has jurisdiction over allegations of unlawful discrimination in:


-housing                  -places of public accommodation*                 -state employment


 If you believe you may have experienced discrimination, please call the Human Rights Commission at 800-416-2010, ext. 25, or fill out and send in a complaint form

*Places of public accommodation include schools, restaurants, stores, professional offices, government agencies and other places offering goods or services to the general public.

The protected categories for each area of jurisdiction are as follows: 


If you work for a private employer and believe you may have experienced discrimination, call the Vermont Attorney General's Office Civil Rights Unit at 888-745-9195 or go to their website at www.atg.state.vt.us and click on "Discrimination" in the left hand column.

Please note: the VHRC can only investigate situations in which the most recent incident of possible discrimination occurred within one calendar year of your initial contact with the VHRC. If the discrimination has been ongoing up to the time of report, the VHRC may have jurisdiction.