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Reasonable Grounds Cases


Below you will find links to investigative reports for cases where the Human Rights Commission (HRC) found reasonable grounds to believe that discrimination occurred in housing, employment, or a place of public accommodation. When the HRC finds that there are reasonable grounds to believe that unlawful discrimination occurred, the HRC statute requires that the Investigative Report, the Final Determination, and any Post-Determination Conciliation Agreement (PDCA) become public documents. If the Vermont Human Rights Commission finds that there are no reasonable grounds to believe that unlawful discrimination occurred, the Commission closes the case and the identities of the parties remain confidential.

Note that in some cases, the preliminary recommendation can be for a finding of no reasonable grounds. After deliberations, the Commission can reverse the preliminary recommendations and make final determinations of reasonable grounds. In some cases, the Commission will make a "split" decision - partial reasonable grounds and partial no reasonable grounds final determinations - where more than one claim or protected category was included in the initial allegations.

Once the Commission makes a final determination of reasonable grounds, the parties have six months to negotiate a settlement. If a case is not settled within that time period, the Commission must make a decision whether to litigate a case. The Commission may also decline to litigate a case, which is closes a case without settlement.

The documents below contain the initial investigative report and the Commission’s final determination. Cases that were closed without settlement, cases that were settled through litigation, and cases that are currently in active litigation are indicated as such.

The investigative reports for reasonable grounds cases from FY15 to the present are available in PDF format below. The investigative reports for reasonable grounds cases between FY99 and FY15 are available upon request.