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Housing Discrimination

The Federal Fair Housing Act has existed since the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1968. Vermont also has the same housing laws and is in fact more protective. These rights exist to correct a history of unfavorable treatment of people of certain groups. 

Housing discrimination is the illegal practice of discriminating against buyers or renters because they belong to a protected class.  It’s also harassment from neighbors, landlords, or rental managers even after you’ve moved into your home.  It can also cover discriminatory decisions made by your local government in how they decide where to build and what services are available and where.  Lastly, it requires landlords and managers to give you certain accommodations due to your disability. 

Protected categories in housing include: Race, Color, Sex, Religion, National Origin, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Marital Status, Age, Presence of Minor Children, Receipt of Public Assistance, Domestic Violence 

The video below explains housing discrimination and why you should file a complaint with us. 

Video has been translated to the following languages: Arabic - French - Spanish - Vietnamese -  Burmese - Swahili - Nepali - Bosnian - Somali