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IMPORTANT: The VHRC is not accepting complaints in state employment or public accommodations at this time. Based on current caseloads and staff availability, we expect to lift this restriction in September 2021. 

Alternative ways:  


If your allegations do not relate to housing, consider filing a complaint through one of the agencies listed below:

About the Vermont Human Rights Commission

The mission of the Vermont Human Rights Commission (VHRC) is to promote full civil and human rights in Vermont. 

The Commission protects people from unlawful discrimination in housing, state government employment, and public accommodations. Learn more about the VHRC's authority.

We pursue our mission by:

The Vermont Human Rights Commission envisions a society in which:

  • People treat each other with dignity and respect
  • Communities promote equality, fairness, understanding and acceptance of all
  • Citizens act effectively to end discrimination

We envision the Commission as a dynamic leader in the pursuit of social justice. To this end, the Commission will:

  • Collaborate with public, private, and non-profit organizations
  • Conduct efficient and effective enforcement
  • Conduct education and outreach
  • Provide an authoritative voice with respect to civil rights in Vermont