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Human Rights Issues

The Vermont Human Rights Commission is developing partnerships with many other groups to create change. For more information about coalitions the Commission is working with, and the work they are pursuing, click on one of the following categories:



  • (video/film) A Matter of Place     - A film by Fred Freiberg "shines a bright light on housing discrimination, one of the most shrouded and misunderstood civil rights issues in America. The documentary connects past struggles for fair housing to contemporary incidents of housing bias based on race, sexual orientation, disability, and source of income. The film depicts three stories of people who faced housing discrimination in present-day New York City. They poignantly describe the injuries inflicted on them during these incidents, as well as their resolve to fight for justice. Through experts, civil rights advocates, and fair housing testers, the film also recounts our nation's often overlooked history of residential segregation and introduces viewers to systemic and pervasive injustices that, despite the existence of fair housing laws, continue to inflict harm on entire communities and individuals throughout America." 
  • (video/film) The Disturbing History of the Suburbs - A film by CollegeHumor "Redlining: the racist housing policy from the Jim Crow era that still affects us today."

Rights of New Americans Living in Vermont

Public Accommodations

  • The ADA National Network - Through its ten regional centers, the ADA National Network provides information, guidance and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Their services are tailored to meet the needs of business, government and individuals at local, regional and national levels.
  • (video) At Your Service  - A video created in partnership by the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center and Storyline Motion Pictures addressing best practices featuring national disability rights leaders offering insights, tips and recommendations on how to provide "exemplary customer service" to individuals with disabilities.

Public Accommodations - Gender Free Bathrooms

Public Accommodations - Service Animals

Public Accommodations - Summer Camps

Public Accommodations - Schools - Bullying and Harassment

Other Commissions

The Vermont Human Rights Commission is only one of many in the New England region. We recommend you review the following websites for more information on discrimination in the New England area.

Other Resources in Vermont

  • American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont - The mission of the American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont is to defend and enhance the principles of freedom, justice, and equality of rights that are embodied in the Bill of Rights and the Vermont Constitution. Through public education, litigation, and legislative advocacy, the ACLU works to ensure that these rights are preserved for each new generation.
  • Vermont Legal Aid - As a non-profit law firm, Vermont Legal Aid provides free civil legal services to low-income, elderly, and disabled Vermonters. 
  • Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition - The Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition is an organization which is committed to ensuring safe, adequate, physically accessibly and affordable housing to all Vermonters, especially those with low and moderate-income, disabilities, the homeless, elders and families with children. 
  • Vermont Interpreter Referral Service - This service connects those in need of an interpreter with qualified individuals, in order to ensure effective communication with deaf and hard of hearing people.
  • PAHrtners Deaf Services - PAHrtners offers a wide-range of behavioral, developmental and therapeutic support programs to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals in an environment free of cultural or language barriers.
  • Vermont Center for Independent Living - Vermont Center for Independent Living's mission is to empower Vermonters with disabilities to gain dignity, independence and civil rights.

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